I am enough – 

all of me, 

not just parts, 

not pieces that you can pick 

and choose 

and patch together – 

fashion into something 

socially acceptable so everyone 

will smile with approval. 

But nope – 

that’s not my bag. 

I don’t want to be acceptable anymore. 

I don’t want to check off 

someone’s list and get a seal of approval. 

I want to be me. 

Just me. 

No additives or fillers. 

Nothing artificial to make me look right 

for the pictures. 

Took a while, but I finally got it figured out – 

I’m totally unique and 

not made to be in the regular flow. 

Because I have my own, 

I am enough, 

and if you don’t like it, 

then you’re out of luck for anything else. 

I’m done moving myself 

around to fit into everyone – or someone else’s mold. 

Been there, 

did that enough that I don’t want 

any more t-shirts. 

I am enough. 

Nothing else to say. 

Peace out. 

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