does a body good

It’s amazing what you learn when you’re not expecting it.

Apparently, writing is good for you. And not in a “creativity helps my soul” kind of thing, but it’s actually beneficial to the brain and body.

Presently, my professional writing consists primarily (almost entirely) of creating marketing copy. And more specifically, social media marketing copy. My clients (through my employer) range from carpet cleaners to home repair to real estate to business coaching to solar panel installation. It’s interesting (sometimes) and I learn a lot about things I didn’t previously know through research.

Skip to today: I am writing for one of the business coaches and the topic is gratefulness and journaling. Apparently, gratefulness is also good for the brain and body. Really good.

But journaling – even as a writer, the idea of journaling never appealed to me. I remember having a diary/journal as a young girl, but I grew out of that. I worked at a Christian bookstore a few years ago when journaling bibles became all the rage – it never grabbed my attention.

However, according to my researching, expressive writing is shown to improve the body’s immune system. For real! It also reduces stress and improves memory functions. Amazing, right?

I realized two things: (1) I never cared about journaling because I had poetry through which I expressed myself. And I had my blog. Sometimes I discuss really personal things, but not too often; but the very act of writing help me work things out. (2) I haven’t written expressively in a LONG time. I have done spurts here and there, but not consistent. My life changed when I married a few years ago and inherited a live-in MIL, so a lot of things were pushed to the background.

Sadly but truthfully, these days, I would rather spend my free time playing Stardew Valley. It’s terrible, right? In my defense – it’s still kind of like writing my own story without actually writing.

But I do miss the writing, and apparently, so does my body. I need to get back here. I miss the spontaneity that came with a poem when it dropped into my head. (Sigh) I need to work on this. AND be more grateful.

The bottom line: Be grateful and help your brain. Write and help your body.

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