The biggest problem with me 

is something so simple 

that it’s impossible to miss. 

Can’t not see it, 

you know? 

So glaring, so obvious – 

almost grotesque, 

but you can’t ignore it either. 

Terrible and unkempt – 

I didn’t want to look, 

not even glance a smidge, 

but I also couldn’t 

keep not acknowledging 

this hideous issue that I should have seen 

a mile away. 

It’s me. 

You know – me, myself, I. 

I figured it out a while ago, 

but I wanted to keep passing the buck 

because that’s a lot easier 

than trying to carry all that baggage. 

I can try my best 

to blame someone else, 

anyone else – 

till the cows come home. 

Or kingdom come. 

Or whatever keeps that mess

at bay. 

But when the words are done, 

and I am finally alone, 

I still see it. And I hate it. 

But what can I do? 

Keep running to the ends of the earth? 

Or at least until I run out of idioms and colloquialisms. 

But luckily, 

it’s not just me. 

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