hello again

I haven’t posted in a while – I have been so busy with life that I forgot to write about it.

I don’t even know where to begin, but it’s best to not attempt to summarize the past. So  much has happened, and also not happened.

The relationship that I thought would be my last didn’t last. I don’t like to think that I am on any kind of quest for love because I am beginning to understand it to be more of a quest “to be loved,” and am already quite loved by the people who have always loved me. And even the relationship didn’t last actually did, but not in the same way. I found a true soul mate and he is my best friend, but we don’t know how to do the romantic part very well. Or maybe I didn’t know how to do it well. But he is still in my life and still the person who knows me better than I know myself – he just isn’t my romantic partner anymore. But does he love me? Absolutely. And I think it’s stronger than when we thought we were going to live happily ever after. Actually we are living happily – as friends.

I published a collection of poetry last May (Pen in Motion on Amazon.com) and I am elated that I finally did the thing I have long wanted to do. And when I finally held the book in my hands and saw my work in print, I don’t think I cried…but I smiled and laughed. I might have cried a little later. Sometimes it still feels surreal that it even happened, but then I look at the copy sitting on my desk and I remember that it is truly real.

I finished my MFA program (!!) And more exciting than this, I finally began writing the story of Jaelith…the beautiful and fierce warrior character I created over 15 years ago. I have been trying to write her story since her inception, and now it is happening. The book began as my thesis project, and I am continuing the work. It is finally real and I grow all the more excited with every sentence I write.

And now I have returned here, and it feels so good.





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