The Vomit Kind of Faith

“Being raised with manners” is a statement that applies to the majority of people in America. We learned during childhood how to say “please” and “thank you,” and “yes/no ma’am/sir.” We learned that it is rude to belch in front of people, and even more horrifying to pass gas around anyone except our immediate family. Any topic that has anything to do with negative bodily functions is still fairly taboo in decent conversation (especially at the dinner table). So what does something as gross and terrible as throwing up have to do with faith? A lot more than you may realize.

I hate throwing up. I doubt there is anyone alive who particularly enjoys it, but I really don’t like it. I can count on one hand the number of times that I have tossed my cookies. I have managed to maintain this (mostly sadly) impressive record because I will do almost anything to avoid having to puke. I will chug a gallon of Pepto if I think it will help in any way.

I don’t remember what led to me feeling ill on that particular night, but my upset stomach quickly escalated to an awful upset of my record. I asked my husband to bring me a large bowl (he gave me a small waste basket) because I didn’t want to move and cause a sickly chain reaction. I immediately began quoting healing scriptures and praying for healing. I demanded my body be healed because I refused to accept the alternative. I was absolutely unwilling to throw up, and so my mind was solely focused on the manifestation of my healing.

I know what you might be thinking—if my stomach was upset because of something bad, then vomiting would lead to feeling better. And you might be correct, but I refused to consider anything related to up-chucking. I sat in my chair and concentrated on the Word. I spoke peace to my body and just repeated different healing scriptures over and over.

I don’t know how long I sat there, but eventually I felt the muscles in my mouth relax. The tension in my body left and I could feel my stomach calm down. I continued speaking the Word over my body for a little longer until I knew it was okay to stand up. I went to bed shortly after and slept through the night without any other problems. I praised God for my healing, grateful that I did not have to endure all of the terrible-ness of throwing up.

The next day, the Holy Spirit came to me and asked me why I received such quick healing the previous night. I was so determined not to accept the situation presented to me that I consider only one option – divine healing through Jesus. “So why,” He asked, “don’t you act the way with anything else?” Vomiting I would not accept, but what about all the other attacks from the devil? He asked why I did not focus my faith with the other prayers and petitions in the same manner.

Romans 4:20 says that Abraham didn’t waver in his faith because he was fully convinced that God would do what He had promised. Fully convinced—seeing no other outcome but the one that God promised him. That is the kind of faith that God wants us to operate in every day. He wants us to focus solely on His promises, so much that we will only accept His truth over whatever trial or tribulation the devil may try to bring against us. If we do this, we will have victory every time.


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  1. Mark (Ernest)
    Oct 07, 2014 @ 17:36:17

    Playing on you web site. I like it.



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