Broken Toes/Unbroken Faith

A funny thing used to happen to me – I broke toes. Not all of them at once, and usually just the little ones. What makes this funny is that is always happened around the same time each year. It even became a running joke between my ex-husband and I. When February rolled around one year, my ex commented to me that “it must be that time of year again – for me to break a toe.” Ha.

Normally I broke toes the normal way – bumping into furniture and such. One time is special though, and uber-embarrassing: I was trying to learn how to salsa dance, and I was barefoot. And it gets better…I was going off some videos and step-by-step guides from the internet. My sister used to show my tap and ballet moves from her dance classes at Baylor, and that is when I became a secret dancer. I would never dance in public, but I often twirled and boogied about in the privacy of my home. I had always wanted to learn how to salsa, so I decided to teach myself.

I will not go into all the fun details, but the end was not good – a broken my pinky toe. My ex-husband got a good chuckle out of it as he helped me hobble around the house for a few days. By this point, I was a toe-breaking veteran, so I knew there was not much a doctor could do. And I also did not want to have to explain to my doctor how I injured myself, and what possessed me to break out in dance.

Even though I was using simplified and probably inaccurate information, I decided to just go with it myself. I went off-script and ended up getting hurt. For one, I also should have been wearing proper shoes – or any shoes.

Moving from Houston to Tulsa was a big step for my husband and I. Granted, it wasn’t like we were going off to Timbuktu, but it was still big. We were leaving everything that was comfortable for us, and going somewhere unfamiliar. I learned a lot about walking in faith, and it’s actually not that different from learning how to salsa – there are specific instructions that must be followed, proper attire required (the armor of God), and going off on my own will lead to troubles.

It has been a while since I have broken any toes – I am more aware of my surroundings and I watch where I am going more often. And I wear shoes. The same can be said for my walk in God – my feet are ready and protected, and I am keeping my eyes on my path so that I know where I am headed.

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